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    Shipping Information


    You can ship almost anywhere in the US for $250.
    which includes the carrier your new puppy will be shipped in. This is a new carrier.

    How will my new puppy be shipped ?

    Puppies will be shipped on Delta Airlines out of Kansas City, MO, only on Fridays, weather permitting.
    Temperatures must fall between 20-85 degrees for a long nose and 20-75 degrees for short
    nosed puppies.
    I submit the information to the airline on Monday and receive confirmation on Tuesday.
    At that time, the airline, airway bill #, flight #, and time of arrival will be emailed to you.

    I encourage you to call your airport and find out their procedure for picking up a puppy.

    Ask questions like:
    Where should I go to pick up my puppy.?
    How long will it take to actually be able to get the puppy off of the plane?
    What kind of ID do I need?
    Can just anyone pick up my puppy?

    What do I need to bring to pick up my dog ?

    Once you have your puppy in your hands, be prepared.
    Bring a nice soft towel or blanket.
    Some pancake syrup, in case of a rough ride and lots of love for your new friend.
    Please call and advise that you have your new puppy.